How content marketing can help you to grow your business?

How content marketing can help you to grow your business?

What is content marketing?

A business without a plan is bound to fail! At present to make your business stand out among the crowd you need to have a solid plan. There is one and only way to build a sustainable brand, communicate with your audience. 

Audience is the king! They will decide the fate of your business. If you are reaching out to them with your products/services and making them aware about that, they are more likely to be converted to your customer! And at the very moment they become your customer you will start having growth in your business.

So, How to reach the audience and make them aware about your business?

There are a lot of ways to reach your audience, paid ads is the most effective one, but the thing is it needs a lot of money to run the ads! And if you are a new business or an old business, it will definitely hamper your revenue!

So, what is the solution?

There is one and only solution, content marketing! Content Marketing is the only way to communicate and engage with your audience and make them aware about your business! On the other Social Media Marketing is totally depend on Contents . How to start with Social Media Marketing? It is pretty awesome to learn the skill of social media marketing.

Content marketing is all about Storytelling! And humans have been telling stories from the very first day of their life. And we always get attracted to those who are great storytellers!

It means content marketing is a long term strategy to build a long and strong relationship with your target audience, by providing them high quality and consistent content. The content needs to educate the audience.

Content marketing is the effective way to make a brand around your business and it will literally help you to make more and more revenue without almost spending any money.

How it can help your business

Content marketing is your 24 hours salesman! Without investing any money it will take care of your business 24 hours a day! It will keep engaging and educating people about your brand and about your expertise. Let’s discuss 10 best ways how content marketing can help your business.

  1. Traffic – content marketing will generate traffic to your website or the place where you showcase your products. The traffic is quality traffic they are most likely to convert. So do you have a traffic problem? Just leverage content marketing and the problem will be solved.
  2. Lead generation – When you are educating your target audience through consistent and relevant content, they are more likely to become a lead in your funnel! Nurture them, aware them,and they become your customers for sure.
  3. ROI – Content marketing is directly connected to your ROI, most precisely you don’t have to invest a ton of money in the process. But still you can have a healthy ROI on each and every money spend on content marketing,
  4. Engagement – By providing quality and consistent content you are educating your target audience. And if you are educating your target audience they will surely engage with your content. Engagement will give you more reach and slowly you will start to reach out to more and more people, and your authority around your industry will get a boost.
  5. Stronger Relationship – Engaging and communicating with your audience will build a strong and long term relationship with them. It’s obvious they will automatically become ambassadors for your brand.
  6. Credibility and authority – As you start creating value based content for your target audience, you work towards building credibility and authority with your audience. The more you solve their problem, it will encourage them to trust your advice and your brand more often. 
  7. Industry expert – By using engaging and valuable content to build credibility and authority towards your targeted audience, you will start  positioning your brand as an industry expert. Consumers always support or follow the leaders in the industry to get relevant and important information to solve their problem. 
  8. No End time – Informative and problem solving Contents has no expiry date, after years it will remain useful to the audience. And to be honest, consumers always want to consume content which has no time bound. So it will continuously boost your brand value and presence to the audience and without giving any extra effort.
  9. Cost effective – For creating quality content you don’t need to invest a lot of money, you just need to invest time to create quality and problem solving contents. So that’s why content marketing is your 24 hours salesman, and the interesting part is you don’t need to invest too much money.

Type of contents

There is a lots of contents you can create 

  • Blog Post – It is highly recommended for any serious business to have a blog on their website. By creating compelling and problem solving blog posts can attract the attention of people. Which is a  great way to boost presence all over the web. There are also other benefits for blogging in business too, it helps to trust, traffic and moreover the brand presence. Even you can generate leads from blog posts!
  • Social Media Content – As per the report of Datareportal 4.14 billion people across the globe are using social media in october 2020, it means 53% people of total population. And the interesting part is 450 million people started to use social media from october,2019(Source : . So it means the growth is more than 12 % , stating that there are 14 new users starting their social media journey every second. So it is pretty much clear that the growth in social media is huge,and that’s why content marketing through social media is going to explode in the near future. So it is the best time to start using social media to create meaningful and problem solving content. It will surely boost your brand presence and as well as it will help to generate more and more revenue and build trust in your audience.
  • Video Content – Connecting your audience with video marketing builds trust and credibility. It adds too much personalization while communicating with your audience,  that’s why video boost the conversion rates. Consumers always love to feel the essence of care, personalization. As per the report from Smartinsights 92% marketers stated that video marketing is an important part of their marketing strategy, and the video marketing industry is growing super fast. 
  • E-book – If you are knowledgeable enough in a given subject area related to what your company offers, you may even think about creating an ebook on the subject. It should contain material of intense interest to the target audience since it will have to hold their interest longer than a few minute long video or a short blog post. It can be used as a “freebie” when people sign up for your newsletter, which enables you to link the more traditional method of email advertising to your content marketing efforts.

Evolution of Content 

Content marketing is based on one formula ‘AIDA’, It stands for attention,interest,desire and action. To be precise you have to grab your target audience’s attention by providing them valuable and effective contents constantly, it is an iterative process. If you start creating problem solving contents continuously, your audience will surely feel a connection with your brand. The most interesting part is slowly they will feel a strong desire for your service/products. That is the important part if they are interested in your product they will not think twice to spend their hard earned money. Then you will see money flow in!

  • Attention level content – It is the first and most crucial step of content marketing,you need to create influential contents to grab the attention of your audience. It needs to be problem solving and effective, if you can do it continuously your audience will surely feel a personalized connection with your content and so with your brand.
  • Interest level content – After grabbing the attention of your audience you have to analyze the interest of your audience, it means you have to determine what kind of contents your audience are liking the most and you have to create contents around those interests more and more. 
  • Desire level content – While you have already grabbed the attention of your audience it is time to make them feel a strong desire for your products. 
  • Action level content – it is the final and the ultimate step, in this level your audience will take action, meaning they will become your customer. 

Content mapping based on the customer journey

It is the main part of content marketing, as earlier stated your audience is the king. You have to make your audience happy and as well as wealthier with knowledge. So to do that you have to analyze the experience of your audience, for example what kind of contents they are liking the most. It might be blogs , video content or social media contents. So after analyzing the consumer experience you need to map out your best content strategy. It will boost your journey with more audience and it will obviously build enough trust among your audience to build a well known brand. Prioritizing consumers is the main thing in content marketing. Content Repurposing is also a great to execute in the journey of content marketing, means to make a piece of content make the content purposeful for each and every platform. It is basically a great things cause you don’t need to make different content for different platforms, rather make a pretty good piece of content and repurpose it for each and every platform. Content Repurposing is a attractive skill also.

So from traffic problems to lead generation, audience engagement  content marketing can help you in aspects of your business. For building a brand, content marketing is the one and only way, it is the perfect time to leverage the power of content marketing and build a sustainable brand around your business. 

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